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Best Practice in Noise Measurement, Control and Training for Regulators

We provide extensive specialist technical support, information and training on noise and vibration both to regulators (Local Authorities and Environment Agency) and to industry. This section covers some of the EA/EHO specific elements of our services and instrumentation. As we regularly deal with the same noise and vibration problems encountered by regulators, we have probably solved your problem already – so feel free to contact us for advice or information.
noise and vibration assessment and control for local authorities

Remote Control of Environmental Noise – “Click here” to clear your desk of noise problems

New remote diagnosis allows EHOs to “export” noise problems..

environmental noise diagnosis and control for ehoMany noise problems drag on for months – and even years – due to issues with the diagnosis and the imagined potential extent and cost of the mitigation required. These delays come at a high cost to both the EHO and the perpetrator (time, bureaucracy, legal fees etc). They also come at a substantial cost to the complainants who continue to suffer the noise nuisance… The solution is to get a second (or even a first) opinion by email.

…where BAT noise control information is made available, most noise problems can be – and are – resolved within weeks

We have developed a database of Best Available Technology engineering noise control solutions that cost a small fraction of what everyone expects (e.g our award winning fan noise control technology). Where this BAT information is made available, most noise problems can be – and are – resolved within weeks to the benefit of all concerned. Our 3 step Remote Control process provides this information – and a second opinion – at no cost…

  1. Call us – to discuss the noise problem in detail
  2. Email us the information we need (e.g. noise levels, photo, a recording)
  3. We analyse, interpret and cost the BAT noise control options.

One phone call + one email are all you need to do to resolve many long-standing environmental noise problems

Use the Remote Control process to solve noise problems is not only substantially faster and capable of generating much lower cost solutions, but it is also considerably more environmentally friendly than the conventional approach as there are fewer (or no) site visits required, cutting CO2 travel footprint. Contact us to discuss a project..

Best Practical Means (BPM) / Best Available Technology (BAT) Evaluation Service

Get a definitive evaluation of BPM / BAT – or just a 2nd opinion on the noise control options
Once there have been complaints or when a noise nuisance has been established, there often remains the issue of determining what constitutes “best practicable means” to mitigate the environmental noise problem. Companies may employ consultants to generate technical reports that claim that the cost of mitigation is too high to be reasonably practicable. In most cases, the suggested noise reduction technology is not best practice. Our definitions of BPM across a very wide range of successful applications typically reduce the costs of noise control by 50% – 80% compared with conventional palliatives. This can be a game changer for regulators as problems can usually be resolved within weeks, saving time, resources and money. This is particularly true where the low cost of the BPM evaluation means that potential court cases can be avoided.

We are happy to provide definitive definitions of just what constitutes BPM/BAT with complete technical justifications in reports covering particular noise control issues.

BPM often cannot be claimed without reference to INVC noise control technology – particularly for fans, the most common environmental noise problem

2nd Opinion on Factory Noise Abatement Notice Noise Control Cut Costs by 80%
Northern Packaging corrugator plant noise control – 80% lower cost than conventional noise control, 9dB noise reduction and the elimination of the requirement to wear PPE within the factory for free.

yoghurt based combustion burner noise control

Healthy Cost Savings from Yoghurt-Based Burner BPM Noise Control Technology

A 16dB reduction in low frequency combustion noise using a yoghurt pot – the only known example of yoghurt-based noise control…

Download environmental noise control technical notes >

Training – Best Practical Means / BAT – Fan Noise Control – Digital Recording

We have developed a suite of very effective yet very low cost noise training workshops for EHOs – some councils have even made a profit whilst training their own staff… The full IOSH Music and Entertainment Industry and Environmental noise competency courses are also available for those responsible for policing the regulations. The one day workshops carry 2 CPD points.

The Delegate View: “one of the most relevant and informative courses in a long time..” .. “I’d hate to come up against you in court! .. the best value seminar we’ve ever been on” – “standard of presentation was excellent .. humorous and entertaining .. highly recommended”

Download EHO training information

Best Practicable Means (BPM) / Best Available Technology (BAT) Noise Workshop
“Best Practicable Means” (or BAT) can mean different things to different people – particularly where levels of specialised expertise in noise vary. This workshop provides practical guidelines (and background information) that can be followed by non-specialists to establish just what constitutes “best practice” covering:-

  • setting effective noise specifications
  • providing non-engineers with the only effective procedure to define the conditions for BAT noise control
  • assessing whether the correct BPM procedure has been followed
  • recording, analysis and remote evaluation of the options by email

fan noise reduction training course

Fan Noise Control Workshop
From large industrial units to fast food restaurant kitchen extract fans, fans of all kinds are the single most common environmental noise source. This workshop provides detailed guidance on “best practice” to assess (eg setting specifications where there is tonal content) and control fan noise from all types of fan.The aims of the workshop are to provide delegates with case studies on measurement, setting noise specifications,materials, installation details, silencers and simple, low cost fan noise reduction retro-fixes for many small fan installations.

Venue Noise Assessment Workshop
noise competency training for the music, venue and entertainment industriesThis workshop is based on extracts from the 3 day IOSH Entertainment Industry Noise Competency course that have been customised to suit the requirements of Local Authorities. Targeted at measuring and assessing the risks to hearing in pubs, clubs and other venues, it is highly practical, “entertaining” and provides delegates with the skills and knowledge they need to make the process as simple and effective as possible. Topics covered include:-

  • The risks to hearing in pubs, clubs and other venues
  • Accurate noise measurement – under difficult conditions…
  • Evaluating employee noise dose against the regulatory Action Levels – convert measured levels to noise exposures
  • Risk management options
  • PPE and other factors

Digital Noise Recording and Analysis Workshop + Noise Nuisance Recording
The use of various digital recorders for noise recording in the field has become increasingly common. This workshop covers the procedures required to obtain accurate and reliable calibrated recordings using both hand held and purpose built complainant operated equipment (noise nuisance recorders. It also covers the objective and rapid analysis of recorded data (particularly on PCs, but also by ear). Also included is the use of frequency analysis (for BS 4142) and for noise source diagnosis.The aims of the workshop are to ensure that delegates are confident in the use and calibration of all types of recorder and in the rapid, accurate processing and analysis of recordings.

Download EHO training information

Instrumentation and Analysis Hardware and Software

Digital Noise Nuisance Recorders
We invented the concept of bespoke noise nuisance recorders when the first DAT tape machines appeared and have used them ourselves for many years. Consequently, we have considerable expertise in this area and provide recording analysis and interpretation services for all types of noise recordings.

Noise Analysis Software
iPlayer – unique sound recording review – accelerated listening to improve productivity
iPlayer facilities are built-in to the latest versions of both FrequencyMaster and NoiseMaster. Based on our own experience of the time consuming hassles involved in listening to interminable complainant recordings from noise nuisance recorders, the iPlayer is an invaluable tool that decimates the time taken to process the files (avoiding incipient “athletes ear”…).
Tonal Noise Analysis – FrequencyMaster – simple, low cost and effective frequency analysis
FrequencyMaster software turns any PC or netbook into a digital recorder and frequency analysis tool for narrow band tonal analysis, octave / third octave and 3D waterfall analyses. As it can also be used to analyse sound files from any recorder or other source, it is the perfect upgrade for other noise systems.
Automated Sound File Analysis – NoiseMaster
NoiseMaster software converts any PC or netbook into a suite of virtual sound level meters and environmental noise logging analysers. It can also be used to dramatically reduce the time required for the subjective or objective analysis of sound files from any recorder or other source.