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Noise Control

Award winning technology – simpler, faster and reduces typical noise control project costs by 50% – 80%…

Occupational Noise Control – elegant engineering instead of enclosures

best practice, self-financing occupational noise controlMost of our clients reduce their noise control project costs by 50% – 80%, productivity can actually be increased and therefore noise reduction can often be self-financing…


Fan Silencing without Silencers – noise attenuation using aerodynamics

attenuate fan noise without silencers using innovative aerodynamic technologyImproved fan efficiency and reduced down-time. Retro-fit aerodynamic aids reduce noise levels, cut maintenance and dramatically reduce capital and running costs…


Environmental Noise Control – precise, low cost mitigation techniques

meet noise specifications using innovative noise reduction technologyGet a second opinion on the noise reduction Best Practicable Means options that can make conventional noise control measures seem like costly, avoidable, follies…


Buy Quiet Noise Specifications – template documents, training, advice 

Buy Quiet purchasing policy documentation helps reduce noise from new plantThe single most cost effective, long term noise control measure a company can take. But don’t let suppliers waste your money on high cost noise control measures that are not best practice…


Product Noise Control – the commercial benefits of quiet engineering

elegant engineering can produce low noise products that are associated with qualityGarner the commercial benefits accruing from developing quieter products using elegant, innovative and low cost engineering noise reduction (retro-fit or designed-in) technology.


Remote Control of Noise – noise attenuation by email

controlling noise over the internet using smartphone technologyWe carry out noise control projects across the world via our internet technology and remote data capture. If you have a smartphone, you have instant access to innovative noise reduction technology…